My Story in Brief

Elias Munshya

Munshya wa Munshya

A passion for Zambia was planted in my heart very early in life. As a child growing up in different parts of Zambia, my school-teacher father modelled before us what it meant to be dedicated to our country and to public service. In 2001, after college graduation, I served as a principal of a Bible college, motivational speaker, counselor and as a pastor. I have served in ordained ministry since 2004.

I hold a Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB Hons) from University of Northumbria in England; a Bachelor of Arts Degree, from Swaziland College of Theology & Global University (MO, USA); and a Master of Divinity Degree from Ambrose University College in Calgary, Alberta. I have also done post-graduate studies in Counselling Psychology and Business Administration.

Using a multi-disciplinary approach, I combine a passion for law, theology, history and politics to reflect on issues affecting Zambia’s development today. I do this with the conviction that Zambia’s greatness lies ahead of us. I also passionately believe that we owe a duty to the next generation to do all we can to make their world a better world and their Zambia a better republic.

Currently, I serve Evangel Christian Assembly, (a PAOC affiliated Church) as a pastor and as an administrator. Evangel is a neighbourhood church situated in the South East of Calgary, AB, Canada. I serve under the leadership of Rev. Robert S. Webster, the lead pastor.

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One response to “My Story in Brief

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