About the Author

Elias Munshya

Elias Munshya

In 2007, I made the trip from my native Zambia to Canada as a student at Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta. I have since worked in industrial risk mitigation and security, counselling, pastoral ministry, and as  provincial director of Child Evangelism Fellowship.

I am now a registered student-at-law with the Law Society of Alberta (LSA). As a student-at-law, I must do a term of articles to satisfy requirements for the call to the Alberta bar. On March 1st 2015, I started my first two-month composite articling position with Kubitz and Company, a personal injury law firm based in Calgary. My principal was Mr. Walter Kubitz, Q.C. In May 2015, I articled at Howard Law Office. Ms. Claire McMordie of West End Legal Centre (WELC) in Calgary offered me a term of articles starting July 2, 2015. At WELC I work with both Claire and her partner M. Jenny McMordie in the areas of civil litigation, wills and estates, and corporate-commercial law. My prospective areas of practice after my bar call are those that are closely connected to social justice, constitutionalism and the rule of law.

On this website, using a multi-disciplinary approach, I combine a passion for law, theology, history and politics to reflect on issues affecting both personal and national development in Zambia, Canada and the rest of the world.  I do this with the conviction that our true greatness lies ahead of us. I also passionately believe that we owe a duty to the next generation to do all we can to make their world a better world.

Education History

  1. Master of Laws (LLM), Northwestern University School of Law, Chicago, Illinois.
  2. Master of Business Administration (MBA), Law, University of Wales , Wales, UK.
  3. Master of Arts (Counselling), Providence University College, Manitoba, Canada.
  4. Bachelor of Laws (Honours), University of Northumbria , England, Second Class Honours, First Division (2:1).
  5. Master of DivinityAmbrose University , Calgary, AB, Canada, Cum Laude, Valedictorian.
  6. Master of Arts, Global School of Theology, Cape Town, South Africa.
  7. Bachelor of Arts, Swaziland College of Theology & Global University (MO, USA), graduated with highest class GPA.

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