Monthly Archives: March 2010

“My Kingdom is not of this World”: Jesus in Zambian Politics this Easter

By Elias Munshya wa Munshya The Holy Week is a powerful moment in the life of the Christian church. Each year this week becomes a reminder of the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Beginning on Palm Sunday, the Church all over the world reenacts the pain of Jesus’ Holy Passion leading up to his death on

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Turning the Red Card into Blue: How the MMD will win the 2011 Elections

The forthcoming elections in Zambia have the potential to be the most intriguing elections in many years. Several analysts are predicting that Michael Sata and his PF are very likely to form the next government. This analysis has been buoyed by the pact that the PF has formed with the UPND, Zambia’s third largest party. However, in this article, I

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