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From Alice Lenshina to the MMD: The Changing Jurisprudence over Deregistration of “Societies” in Zambia

The current constitution of Zambia is largely a representative constitution guaranteeing basic freedoms to the people while entrenching in the nation’s ruling system an unfettering commitment to a multi-party democratic system. Undeniably, while our current constitution was enacted in 1991 with some amendments in 1996, it is safe to say that although some disagreements persist about some provisions of this

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Societies Act (Cap 119) of the Laws of Zambia

Societies Act (Cap 119) CHAPTER 119 THE SOCIETIES ACT CHAPTER 119 THE SOCIETIES ACT ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS PART I PELIMINARYPART I PELIMINARY Section 1. Short title 2. Interpretation 3. Registrar of Societies 4. Protection of officers 5. Associations deemed to be established in Zambia PART II REGISTRATION OR EXEMPTION FROM REGISTRATIONPART II REGISTRATION OR EXEMPTION FROM REGISTRATION 6. Application for

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