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Did Prof. Clive Chirwa Lose Zambian Citizenship?

E. Munshya, LLB (Hons), M.Div. To begin with, I must mention that I belong to that school of thought which believe that the current law in Zambia that deprives Zambians from acquiring dual nationality should be amended. I am of the opinion that we so amend the constitution as to allow for dual nationality. This is the right thing to

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A Hybrid of Absurdities: The Impact of British & American Political Systems on Zambia’s Constitutional Development

By E Munshya wa Munshya The Zambia Independence Act 1964 In the 1960s when the British parliament at Westminster was debating Zambia’s independence (Zambia Independence Act, 1964), there were several questions that needed to be answered. Prominent among these questions was the constitutional and political system that the former colony was going to adopt. It was clear that as early

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