Mothers’ Rights: Women, the Law and culture when obtaining National Registration Cards (NRCs) in Zambia

E. Munshya, LLM, M.Div. There have been reports that single mothers are having a hard time obtaining National Registration Cards (NRCs) for their children due to the demands by some registration officers for details of the father of those children… Read More ›

Converting 1 Million Baptisms Into Votes: An analysis of the political theology of the SDA Church in Zambia

E. Munshya, LLB (Hons), M.Div. We all must congratulate the Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Zambia for its one-millionth baptism. Since its establishment in Zambia, the church baptized its one-millionth member in April 2015. While this feat has not been easy,… Read More ›

Wrong General?: Linda Kasonde’s opposition to appointment of Likando Kalaluka as Attorney General

E. Munshya, LLB (Hons), M.Div. President Lungu in exercise of his power has appointed a Mr. Likando Kalaluka as Attorney General of the Republic of Zambia subject to parliamentary ratification. This last week, a parliamentary committee met to scrutinize the… Read More ›

Eliasmunshya.org projects that Lungu wins Zambian elections: 784,263 for EL and 764,724 for HH

If you have to copy this table, please make an appropriate acknowledgement of the source. Just cite www.eliasmunshya.org and we will be happy. We do not guarantee the accuracy of these numbers. Final and official numbers will come from the Electoral… Read More ›

Don’t Kill, Just Kiss: What cadres can learn from Zambian politicians about love, hate and forgiveness

E. Munshya, LLB (Hons), M.Div. The election is drawing very near. Politicians are busy pounding on doors and flying their helicopters. Lungu has been soaring from Chinsali to Mpulungu, and from there to Katete. Hichilema has also been taking provinces… Read More ›

Judge Chali’s ruling in Brebner Changala v. Attorney General 2014

By Elias Munshya, M.Div., LLM (Candidate) Human Rights activist Brebner Changala sought leave of the High Court of Zambia to commence judicial review proceedings into the Zambian cabinet’s failure to enquire into President Sata’s apparent ill-health. High Court Judge Isaac Chali… Read More ›

More Pollution in Our Pockets: Absurdity of an Open-Pit Mine in the Lower Zambezi

 E. Munshya, LLB (Hons), M.Div. Many have undertaken to write on the appropriateness and inappropriateness of Hon Harry Kalaba’s decision to overrule Zambia’s environmental body. Kalaba has permitted a foreign company strangely known as “Zambezi Resources Limited” to develop an… Read More ›

An Attorney Goes Rogue: Why Mumba Malila Is Wrong To Challenge the Masebo Tribunal

 Munshya wa Munshya William Harrington, a private citizen of Zambia wrote the Chief Justice of Zambia requesting that a tribunal be instituted to probe the activities of a cabinet minister. Hon. Sylvia Masebo is alleged to have committed some irregularities… Read More ›

One Bemba, One Nation: Politics of Tribe From Kenneth David Kaunda to Michael Chilufya Sata

E. Munshya, LLB (Hons), M.Div. Fighting for his political survival, Hon. Wynter Kabimba, made a very significant comment that his party has a clique of Bemba political hegemonists. Even Guy Scott has supported Wynter in these assertions. A daily newspaper… Read More ›

Returning Abdul: An Analysis of Justice Mchenga’s Ruling in Simwaya v Attorney General (2013)

By E Munshya wa Munshya On 12th December 2012 Zambia’s Home Affairs Minister issued a deportation order to one Abdul Simwaya. Referring to him as a “foreign national”, Hon. Edgar Lungu declared that Simwaya had become “a danger to national… Read More ›

Funding Kaunda to China While Refusing to Fund Banda to Congo: The Continued Foreign Policy Fiasco of the “Donchi Kubeba” Government

By E. Munshya wa Munshya That the Patriotic Front’s foreign policy is a disaster is there for all to see. It started at the inauguration of President Michael Sata when he refused to invite his Malawian counterpart but instead invited… Read More ›

The Fall & Rise Of Fred: How Rupiah Banda Reformed Chiluba’s Image

By Elias Munshya wa Munshya This article explores factors that have contributed to the rehabilitation of former president Chiluba’s image. First, by rewriting the script of Chiluba’s prosecution, after his acquittal, the Rupiah government has helped repair Chiluba’s image. Rupiah’s… Read More ›

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