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Elias Munshya

Using a multi-disciplinary approach, I combine a passion for law, theology, history and politics to reflect on issues affecting both personal and national development in Alberta, Zambia, Canada and the rest of the world.  I do this with the conviction that humanity’s true greatness lies ahead of us. We owe a duty to the next generation to do all we can to make their world a better world.

I am a member of the Law Society of Alberta, practicing civil litigation and administrative law in Calgary, Alberta. I am a theologian, minister, and cultural-political commentator. As a post-Africanist, my heritage forms a critical part of my self-understanding and worldview.

I have been very blessed and fortunate to study at great institutions in Africa, Europe, and North America.  I hold several degrees in  fields such as business, law, theology,  and counselling (psychology) from several institutions including:

  1. Northwestern University School of Law, in Chicago, Illinois;
  2. University of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom;
  3. Providence Seminary, Otterburne, Manitoba;
  4. Ambrose University, Calgary, Alberta; and,
  5. Global University, Springfield, Missouri (in association with Cape Theological Seminary and Swaziland College of Theology).

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  1. It is true that Sata is/was Bisa by tribe. Chief Chikwanda a Bemba Chief has both Bisa and Bemba subjects likewise Chief Chibesakunda of Chinsali is a Bisa Chief but is Chiefdom also has both Bemba and Bisa subjects. Am also Bisa but my village is Chitulika Village under Chief Chikwanda.

  2. How are sir. My names are Godfrey Kabuswe Kafula. Fisrt I would like to appreciate the article that you edit. But when I was reading an article that you wrote at Mr Sata to be Bisa, I think sir you errored. I come from both Mpika and Chinsali. Mr Sata hails from chief Chikwanda who is Bemba who becomes chief Nkula automatically. He did not come from Chief Kopa or Kabinga who are on the far West of Mpika

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