The Author: Elias Munshya

West End Legal19142-2I am a barrister & solicitor, theologian, minister, and cultural-political commentator. As a post-Africanist, my heritage forms a critical part of my self-understanding and worldview.

On this website, using a multi-disciplinary approach, I combine a passion for law, theology, history and politics to reflect on issues affecting both personal and national development in Zambia, Canada and the rest of the world.  I do this with the conviction that our true greatness lies ahead of us. I also passionately believe that we owe a duty to the next generation to do all we can to make their world a better world.

I have been very blessed and fortunate to study at great institutions in Africa, Europe, and North America.  I hold several degrees in  fields such as business, law, theology,  and counselling (psychology) from several institutions including:

  1. Northwestern University School of Law, in Chicago, Illinois;
  2. University of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom;
  3. Providence Seminary, Otterburne, Manitoba;
  4. Ambrose University, Calgary, Alberta; and,
  5. Global University, Springfield, Missouri (in association with Cape Theological Seminary and Swaziland College of Theology)


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