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Judge Chali’s ruling in Brebner Changala v. Attorney General 2014

By Elias Munshya, M.Div., LLM (Candidate) Human Rights activist Brebner Changala sought leave of the High Court of Zambia to commence judicial review proceedings into the Zambian cabinet’s failure to enquire into President Sata’s apparent ill-health. High Court Judge Isaac Chali issued his ruling today, July 11 2014. He has denied Changala leave to proceed. Here is a of the judgment: Changala

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Mulenga Sata does satisfy the constitution to be presidential candidate in Zambia

E. Munshya, LLB (Hons), M.Div. In the interest of state unity and national sanity, Vice-President Guy Lindsay Scott should either be fired or severely reprimanded so that he stops making statements that can stoke national panic. There is the sense in which Scott is trying to do anything possible to fortify Wynter Kabimba as the heir apparent to the Patriotic

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“Dear Mr. Kick Ass” – Musamba Mumba Responds to Her Critic

Musamba Mumba, going by the name Proud Aushi or Proud Ushi Musamba Mumba is an active blogger whose political insight and prowess is exactly what Zambia needs. In moments of great political intimidation and paternalism Musamba speaks her mind out concerning issues affecting Zambians. She is a critic of President Sata and his Patriotic Front government. On Facebook she receives

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