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Same or Different?: Contrasting the Mutuna Tribunal with the Nchito Tribunal

E. Munshya, LLB (Hons), M.Div. When President Sata established the Chikopa Tribunal to probe the conduct of Judge Mutuna and Judge Kajimanga, I vehemently objected to that action. My reasons for objecting were provided in the article published by the Daily Nation Newspaper and the http://www.eliasmunshya.org blog. I supported Justice Fulgence Chisanga when she stayed President Sata’s decision. This case,

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People and Events That Will Shape Zambia’s 2014

By E. Munshya, LLB (Hons), MA, MDiv. The New Year is finally here. We should all be relieved that the year 2013 has come to an end. Each New Year brings to us a fresh perspective on life. And for Zambia, we all should expect a renewed look at what would make our nation better and greater. The shape of

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With Forked Tongues: Why Chibesakunda’s Majority Ruling in Attorney General v. Mutuna & Others is Flawed

By E. Munshya wa Munshya It should not calm any nerves to realize that an analysis of the majority ruling in Attorney General v Mutuna, Kajimanga and Musonda should begin by looking at a single sentence taken from its last paragraph. Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda,  stated in the last paragraphs of her over 120-paged opinion that: “Before we end,

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