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Politics of Chigololo: President Sata, HH and the slurring of fatherless children

 By E. Munshya, LLB (Hons), M.Div. Instead of being a father to the fatherless, President Sata has become a scoffer of the fatherless. Instead of being a father of the nation, President Sata has chosen to ridicule those among citizens who have lived without knowing their fathers. Quite extraordinarily, it takes a lot of steel for a man to condemn

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Hakainde Hichilema, Luapula Province and the Politics of Tribal Perception

 Munshya wa Munshya  It was certain that the Patriotic Front party was going to win the Mansa by-election. We all expected the PF to win. Luapula is their stronghold after all. And no doubt, the people of Mansa Central showed that they have not changed a bit in their unwavering support for the don’t kubeba party and its leader Michael

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Sata’s Bloated Government

The source of this information is the Zambian Watchdog at http://www.Zambianwatchdog.com. President Michael Sata has created the biggest cabinet list in the history of this country. Each of these people gets a salary, allowances, has a driver, free fuel, talk-time, a house servant and other incentives. The total sum of their monthly expenditure from government treasury can surely be equivalent

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