Towards A Post-Africanist Renewal

By Elias Munshya Pan-Africanism has serious deficits, as a philosophy for the African. It has so far failed to help Africans imagine a future that goes beyond useless slogans. Pan-Africanism cannot spur African imagination any longer as it is deeply… Read More ›

Post-Africanist Theory: Deconstructing colonial narratives of African unity

By Elias Munshya, LL.M., MBA, M.Div. When European colonialists landed on the shores of Africa, they found a continent and a people that were diverse, disparate, and disordered. In order for colonialism to take root, however, colonialists had to dismantle… Read More ›

The End of Pan-Africanism: Post-Africanism and the Re-imagination of the African Myth

EliasĀ  Munshya The era of pan-Africanism is over. Pan-Africanism has flopped. And it has flopped very miserably. It needs to be replaced, as it is no longer appropriate. Whatever is still alive in the beast of pan-Africanism should be exterminated…. Read More ›

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