President Rupiah Banda

Bwezani Nafuti: Should Dr. Rupiah Banda return to active politics?

E. Munshya, LLB, M.Div. Dr. Rupiah Banda has all the reasons in the whole world to be angry and to be outraged at the way the party that defeated him in the 2011 polls is handling national affairs. The economy… Read More ›

Penetrating Presidential Bombasa: Why the ACC Can’t Question President Rupiah Banda Without Parliamentary Sanction

 By E Munshya wa Munshya Former republican president Rupiah Banda has been summonsed by the Anti-Corruption Commission to appear before it for questioning in connection with investigations into corruption it is carrying out. In writing the former president, ACC Director-General… Read More ›

Funding Kaunda to China While Refusing to Fund Banda to Congo: The Continued Foreign Policy Fiasco of the “Donchi Kubeba” Government

By E. Munshya wa Munshya That the Patriotic Front’s foreign policy is a disaster is there for all to see. It started at the inauguration of President Michael Sata when he refused to invite his Malawian counterpart but instead invited… Read More ›

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