A Note to my Friend Ben

You have never been black before. And that is the reason why you could not possibly understand why a black man in America would inspire a black Christian pastor from the village of Sokontwe in Luapula Province of Zambia.
I am a conservat…ive Christian who does not agree with abortion. I am a conservative Christian who does not agree with poverty. I am a conservative Christian who believes that my fellow conservative Ronald Reagan was wrong to have called Mobutu Sese seko Kuku mwendu Wa Zabanga, the brutal dictator of the former Zaire, as a true friend of America. I am a conservative Christian who believes that while life begins at conception it continues on until death, it does not end at 15. I am a conservative Christian who believes that once a baby is born…the whole human village should help that baby achieve his best potential by fiscal policies and social policies and moral policies that will help that human become the best that he could be!
However, you may wish to know that Christianity is no longer to be dictated by the conservative cultural values of America. It is now a global phenomenon, and Americans should cease to push their version of political cultural agendas as the norm for global Christianity.
We were young and now we are old and we cannot allow the American adulteration of Christianity and Christian values. Yes I am a Christian, and yes I am a human being who has been and can be inspired by Christian and non-Christian alike. I count Thomas Jefferson and George Washington among inspirational people in spite of their faith and in spite of their attitude towards slavery. People who inspire others are never angels…and indeed they ought not to be. Even if Regan disappointed me and many of our people in Congo, that is no reason why I should despise him. Ben, I just hope that you too will find Obama inspirational, but I do not blame you because for once you have never been black in your life before!


Munshya wa Munshya

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