Chibesakunda’s Spokesman Goes Offside: Why Terry Musonda’s Press Statement Does Not Make Legal Sense

Elias Munshya, LL.M, MBA, M.DIV.

By E. Munshya wa Munshya

Mr. Terry Musonda, a spokesman for the judiciary of Zambia has issued a statement in which he purports to clarify the issue that has engulfed our nation in recent days. The issue has been whether a respondent in an election petition, whose seat gets nullified, by the High Court should also, by strength of the same judgment, be barred from re-contesting that seat.

Before Mr. Musonda’s press statement, several stakeholders had given their position on the matter. The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) had issued a statement to the effect that without a report from the High Court instructing the Electoral Commission of Zambia, the ECZ cannot on its own bar any candidate from contesting. The ECZ itself had issued similar statements stating that according s.22 read with ss 104 to 107 of the Electoral Act (2006), the elections body could only act after it…

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