The Nakachinda Parliamentary Committee Report on Bill 10

Disclaimer: Elias Munshya and Munshya Law are not responsible for any inaccuracies of this draft report. This is a draft report which becomes official after the Committee presents it to the Zambian parliament using parliamentary procedure. Should any one require specific legal advise arising from any issues in this document, kindly consult members of the Zambian bar – except perhaps for Mr. Tutwa Ngulube, Mr. Makebi Zulu, and Mr. Mundubile, because these gentlemen are liars.

  • We are providing here the draft committee report from the Nakachinda Committee. download it below
  • Read for yourselves and see that even this parliamentary committee has rejected much of Bill 10.
  • Our question is why can’t Given Lubinda withdraw this Bill? He should withdraw it.

Report_on_the_Constitution_of_Zambia_Amendment_Bill_NAB_10_3rd_Edition1 (1)

Munshya Law (OPTION f)2Report_on_the_Constitution_of_Zambia_Amendment_Bill_NAB_10_3rd_Edition1 (1)


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