If Zambia prosecuted all NRC offences nearly the whole country will be in jail from the President to everyone of you with false information on your NRCs. False information includes the following:

1) false year of birth – bengi sana. Jail awaits you. You criminals.

2) false place of birth – ati wafyalilwe kwi?

3) false village and chief – Becuase you signed up for the village of the person who registered you. So if they are Banda, they claim that you are from Lundazi, when in fact your village and chief must be Kanongesha. You will be charged.

4) your uncle takes you to have an NRC and he tells the officer that you are a son or daughter when in fact, you are not

5) False names – some of you change NRCs to change a name. Some Pentes changed names and instead of going through the legal channel of the deed poll, they just went to the NRC office and obtained a new card with a new name. Teine Mabvuto nomba niine Mapalo. Jail awaits you.

6) People who have the same birth year with an elder sibling. President Lungu and his elder sister’s NRCs indicate that they were born in the same year. This is a crime.

7) Obtaining an NRC when you are underage or obtaining an NRC when you are overage.

8) Claiming you were born in Petauke when in fact, you were born in Mchinji. Or claiming you were born in Milenge, kanshi nikwa Ngomalala9) Having two NRCs. You remember that one you abandoned because it embarrassed you? Well.

10) Making a declaration before an officer that your parents are dead, when they are still alive.You cannot even escape by claiming that wali umwaice, bakulembeshe fye.

As long as you know that the information is false – you need to come clean. Otherwise, we will come for you on Christmas Day next year.

What a nation of criminals.

Elias Munshya

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  1. This is sad what is happening in Zambia ,the president is quite enjoying right now in mfuwe and the country is crying it is a shame and sad the government. And so sad to the people who lying looking for issues in people’s life. Sorry to mention a name in comment. Chilufya Tayali..L

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