ICRC Director-General Meets with Canberra’s Diplomatic Corps

As the High Commissioner for Zambia in Australia, I recently had the privilege of attending a briefing by Robert Mardini, Director-General of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), who is visiting Canberra, Australia. Mr Mardini discussed several critical issues affecting Australia, Zambia, Africa, and the world.

One of the salient points Mr Mardini addressed was the urgent need to address the humanitarian crisis in many countries worldwide. He highlighted the devastating impact of conflict, violence, and climate change on vulnerable communities, including displacement, food insecurity, and limited access to essential services such as healthcare.

Mr Mardini also emphasized the importance of respecting international humanitarian law and the need for all parties involved in conflicts to protect civilians and ensure their safety. He called for increased support for the ICRC’s efforts to provide vital assistance and protection to those affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence.

Additionally, Mr Mardini spoke about the ICRC’s work to promote respect for international humanitarian principles and address emerging challenges such as cyber warfare and the use of artificial intelligence in armed conflicts.

I believe that Mr Mardini’s insights are critical as we work to address the world’s humanitarian crisis, including in countries such as Ukraine, Turkiye, and Syria. I thank the ICRC for its continued support and commitment to promoting humanitarian values and protecting the rights of vulnerable communities worldwide.

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