Australia, Tourism and Trade: My Meeting with Uganda’s H.E. Dorothy Hyuha

During my courtesy call on Her Excellency Dorothy Hyuha, Uganda’s High Commissioner to Australia, we had a productive discussion on a range of topics that are relevant to our service in Australia. We talked about the importance of maintaining collegial relations between our respective countries and working together to promote the interests of not only Zambia and Uganda, but also the African continent as a whole.

We also discussed the potential for African countries to have a united voice on global issues such as climate change, security, and development. As African diplomats, we recognize the importance of speaking with one voice to achieve our objectives.

Furthermore, we talked about the significant potential for trade between African countries and with other nations such as Australia. We acknowledged that intra-trade within Africa is currently relatively low and commended efforts being made to increase trade within the continent.

Finally, we discussed the potential of tourism to drive economic growth in our respective countries and the need to address challenges in the tourism industry, such as infrastructure and accessibility issues. We talked about ways to work together to promote the beauty and diversity of our countries and to attract more tourists from other regions such as Australia.

As African diplomats, we remain committed to exploring opportunities for collaboration between our two nations and promoting the interests of the African continent as a whole in our work in Australia.

Let us work together to showcase the many opportunities that Africa has to offer and to promote economic growth and development on the continent. #AfricanDiplomacy #Trade #Tourism

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