My Tour of Royalla Solar Farm in Canberra

Canberra – February 7, 2023

We were privileged today to receive at our office Mr. Peter Bulanyi, CEO of Mega Watt Power Pty Ltd, a company with years of experience in the Australian solar power industry.

Mr. Bulanyi took us on a familiarization tour of Royalla Solar Farm, a local solar farm in Canberra. Royalla generates about 20 Megawatts of solar power which is enough to power 4,600 homes in Australia.

This tour is part of our Mission’s outreach to the Australian businesses involved in areas important to Zambia’s development.

The Zambian government is prioritizing creating a conducive environment for renewable energy companies to partner with Zambians. Such partnerships will enhance Zambia’s energy security.

We look forward to more engagements with Mega Watt, Mr. Bulanyi, as well as other stakeholders in the renewable energy sector.

May God bless our country

Dr. Elias Munshya



First Secretary Kacenya Sibonde, High Commissioner Dr. Elias Munshya and Mr. Peter Bulanyi
Inspecting the hardware
Listening and learning about solar panels, generation, transmission, and distribution
Taking a closer look
Mr. Bulanyi’s company has been involved in the solar industry for decades


  1. Indeed this is important and cardinal to Zambia’s development. We have a company that want to set up a 50 Mega watts in Luangwa district and i happen to be working on their Environmental Impact Assessment of the project and i appreciate the economic gain the projects will bring to Mother Zambia and the local people of Luangwa.
    I love it that you have embarked on such a tour sir.
    Keep up so that Zambia too can benefit.

    To God and to Zambia

    Yours in Service

    Christopher Mutale

  2. Endita Ba wesu. This is kind of electricity source we need on our own Bangweulu Swamps.

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